Continuous Alignment – by always tracking the belt to the center of the conveyor, it reduces edge damage, spillage and overall better conveyor belt tracking performance.

Heavy-Duty – design of our trainer uses 3 7/16″ bearings, 1 3/4″ shaft, and an abrasive resistant hot-vulcanized rubber cover. Urethane covers are also available.

Patented Design – does not rely on the conveyor belt to activate an arm-type tracking mechanism. By utilizing an internal pivot versus external pivot it does NOT build up with carry back.

Reactionary – in both wet and dry conditions as seen in below ground and above ground mining all over the world.

Total Satisfaction Guarantee (TSG) – to solve your conveyor belt tracking problems and make your overall conveyor system run more efficiently.


The Tru-Trainer® series of conveyor belt tracking idlers are a patented design that offers the most reliable and re-active belt tracking idlers available today.

  • Available in and Urethane
  • Available in Belt Width 16” – 72”
  • Idlers can be mounted on the topside or clean side of the conveyor belt


Product Specifications

Application – Aggregate, Cement, Mineral (Phosphate, Potash, Salt) Mining, Underground Mining, Coal Fired Power Plant, Steel Mill, Iron Ore, Bulk Shipping Terminals

Part Numbers

Tru-Trainer® Flat Return Idler

Part Number Belt Width in. Belt Width mm. Weight lbs
ASG-TTFR-45 18 450 73
ASG-TTFR-50 20 500 77
ASG-TTFR-60 24 600 84
ASG-TTFR-66 26 650 89
ASG-TTFR-75 30 750 93
ASG-TTFR-90 36 900 106
ASG-TTFR-105 42 1050 117
ASG-TTFR-120 48 1200 128

Part Numbers

Tru-Trainer® Flat Return Idler- Heavy Duty

Part Number Belt Width in. Belt Width mm. Weight lbs
ASG-TTFRHD-135 54 1350 183
ASG-TTFRHD-150 60 1500 190
ASG-TTFRHD-165 66 1600 265
ASG-TTFR-180-EXHD 72 1800 333

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