Perfect for Confined Spaces – due to the frames only take-up 8” (200mm) of width when using 6” (150mm) rollers.

Improves Safety – and maintenance by allowing rollers to be easily removed without having to remove any of the belt idler frames.

Meets all CEMA Standards – and available in any belt width, troughing angle or idler.

Idler Rolls –  we can provide CEMA C, D or E steel or impact rolls.

Slide-Ler™ (One-Sided) – Also available.


ASGCO®’s One Sided Slide-Ler™ is also available

ASGCO® Slide-Ler™ (One-Sided) is a patented product designed to be maintained from one side of the conveyor system. This is ideal for systems with access on one side only, where a conveyor is located against the wall or high in the air with catwalk on one side. This allows you to replace rolls with minimal downtime and eliminate the need for man lifts or having to work in a confined space.


Product Specifications

Troughing – 20°, 35° or 45°

Application – Aggregate, Cement, Mineral (Phosphate, Potash, Salt) Mining, Underground Mining, Coal Fired Power Plant, Steel Mill, Iron Ore, Bulk Shipping Terminals

Part Numbers

Slide-Ler™ Modular Idler Frame

Troughing  Idlers available in 20,35 or 45. *XX =Degree of Trough

* Note: Idler rolls to be supplied by customer

Part Number Belt Width in. Belt Width mm. Weight lbs
M-ASG-SLIDELER-18-(XX) 18 450 52
M-ASG-SLIDELER-24-(XX) 24 600 63
M-ASG-SLIDELER-30-(XX) 30 750 70
M-ASG-SLIDELER-36-(XX) 36 900 86
M-ASG-SLIDELER-42-(XX) 42 1050 99
M-ASG-SLIDELER-48-(XX) 48 1200 112
M-ASG-SLIDELER-54-(XX) 54 1350 120
M-ASG-SLIDELER-60-(XX) 60 1500 126
M-ASG-SLIDELER-72-(XX) 72 1800 161
M-ASG-SLIDELER-84-(XX) 84 2100
M-ASG-SLIDELER-96-(XX) 96 2400

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