Complete Cleaning – with our combination of cleaning blades specific for your application and dual tensioning action from our Spring-Shoc™ or Air-Shoc™ tensioner along with the impact absorbing rubber tensioning cushions and mounting system.

Available with replaceable MDX™ V-Tips – for vulcanized conveyor belts or MDX® C-Tips for conveyor belts with mechanical fasteners.

Quick-Change – slide-out mounting system allows for simple removal of the cleaning cartridge from either side of the conveyor, without having to remove mounting brackets or the main mounting tube.

Designed – for the toughest of mining environments and conditions including underground and surface coal, hard rock, power plant and load-out facilities.

Compatible and Safe – for mechanically or vulcanized spliced conveyor belts and its slide-out blade cartridge allows for improve safety by avoiding workers having to crawl into confined chute areas or underneath conveyor structures.



Spring-Shoc™ Secondary Tensioner

Utilizes a unique patent pending mounting plate that allows the cleaning blade to be spring tensioned in either a pull-up or push-up position. This specially designed configurability features two different mounting options that leave extra clearance above or below the bracket where necessary.

  • Single spring tensioner for easy and consistent tensioner adjustments while maintaining constant cleaning pressure between the belt and blade tips.
  • Equal tensioning force in either tensioning configuration.
  • Integrated dust shield keeps dust and fugitive material within the conveyor chute.
  • Rugged construction for years of reliable cleaning.



Maximum Belt Speed – 1200 fpm (6.0 m/sec)

Application – Underground Mining, Hard Rock Mining, Metals (copper/gold) Mining, Steel Mills, Iron Ore, Bulk Shipping Terminals, Coal Fired Power Plants

Part Numbers

Razor-Back® MDX with Spring-Shoc™ Tensioner System With C-Tips

MDX C-Tips: Belt Speed: <1200 fpm <6m/sec / -20-400°F  -28 to 204°C

Part Number Belt Width in. Belt Width mm. Weight lbs
M-RBCMDX-SYS-48-ST 48 1200 167
M-RBCMDX-SYS-54-ST 54 1350 179
M-RBCMDX-SYS-60-ST 60 1500 192
M-RBCMDX-SYS-72-ST 72 1800 204
M-RBCMDX-SYS-84-ST 84 2100 242
M-RBCMDX-SYS-96-ST 96 2400 266

Part Numbers

Razor-Back MDX™ with Spring-Shoc™ Tensioner System With V-Tips

MDX V-Tips: Belt Speed: <1200 fpm <6m/sec / -20-400°F  -28 to 204°C

Part Number Belt Width in. Belt Width mm. Weight lbs
M-RBTCMDX-SYS-48-ST 48 1200 167
M-RBTCMDX-SYS-54-ST 54 1350 179
M-RBTCMDX-SYS-60-ST 60 1500 192
M-RBTCMDX-SYS-72-ST 72 1800 204
M-RBTCMDX-SYS-84-ST 84 2100 241
M-RBTCMDX-SYS-96-ST 96 2400 266

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